The way a room smells can completely change the ambience of a space and even influence your mood. The name ‘Zephyr’, originally derived from the Latin word ‘Zephyrus’, God of the west wind means ‘a soft, gentle breeze’. The concept of Zephyr is about finding balance in life – especially during unprecedented times where it can be hard to separate work life from personal life. 

Zephyr includes a collection of essential oil-based deodorants, room sprays and diffusers. The design inspiration for the branding of Zephyr was to include soft pastel colours to create a calming feel to the brand, whilst the use of clean fonts and nature-inspired logo design to keep the overall look of the brand modern and youthful. 

When it came to designing the product packaging for Zephyr, we wanted to take into consideration the amount of plastic that is used in designing household & personal care products and how to eliminate that waste as much as possible. Zephyr products are made from 100% recycled HDPE plastics as well as recycled paper labels that are 100% decomposable, all whilst making sure the products look sleek and stylish on your table tops! 

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