Commissioned by Onde Ir em Bonito MS for IDB- Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Bonito. Client(s) have requested for us to shoot & deliver a promo video about the city of Bonito in conjunction with the National Day of Tourism in Brazil. At a time when the tourism and hospitality industry is experiencing the heavy consequences of the pandemic, the client wanted to portray Bonito as an escapism from reality, portraying the beauty of Bonito, whilst encouraging people to stay home, and that Bonito will be welcoming them with open arms when things get better.

Bonito is a town and ecotourism hub in southern Brazil’s Mato Grosso do Sul state. The surrounding area is known for crystal-clear rivers such as the Formoso River, a snorkelling destination abounding with aquatic life, all surrounded by lush green forest. While the surface is an unassuming place of ochre landscapes, beneath the layers is a destination worthy of its name, which is Portuguese for “beautiful.” From showcasing it’s mythical waterfalls, clear glass-like lakes that act as a mirror into the underwater world filled with creatures and dense, verdant green forests. The aim of the film was to capture the wonders of Bonito, connecting nature and people as one.

Where water meets land and works with nature together in harmony, Bonito truly is the epitome of nature in all its beauty and we wanted to showcase just that in our work. When the pandemic hit, the world was put on pause and the travel and tourism industry suffered severely. Bonito, a small town in Brazil that depends on its thriving tourism industry was hit especially hard by the pandemic. We wanted the film to give its viewers a sense of security in knowing that everyone is on the same boat together and by using the wonders of Mother Nature in order to provide a sense of hope in that things will things will eventually get better and that Bonito is ready to welcome its tourists with open arms when travel is allowed again.

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