Over the past decade, the rise and fall of various fashion trends and aesthetics has heavily influenced consumers and the products that they buy – primarily how a product looks or how it’s packaged. 

In 2019, we started to see an emerging trend in 90’s fashion trends starting from fashion runways and appearing everyday consumer fashion labels which soon became a hit amongst millennials for the nostalgia it brings, because the 90’s were just that iconic! With this, consumers soon began to shift towards products, colours and styles that were reminiscent of the 90’s and began to ditch the ‘minimalistic’ styles and trends.

Coffusion is a beverage company that specialises in uniquely flavoured coffee. The design inspiration for their packaging came from the rising 90’s trends and we wanted to capture the same design elements that went to product packaging during the 90’s but elevate it and make it more fitted to modern times. The design features a one-eyed illustrated character as well as unique shaped fonts for a more ‘futuristic’ look whilst using vibrant primary and secondary colours paired with eye-catching patterns to make the product stand out on shelves!

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