Enviros Survey and Consultancy focuses on providing innovative and integrated environmental, geosciences, asset integrity, and decommissioning solutions to Oil & Gas and Renewable Companies globally. Being an International player it is always seeking opportunities in different places and as a consequence it finds itself limited by market knowledge. Where to go next? How to get there?
Depending on the client and region targeted the game plan might be completely different. Enviros decided to target the Caribbean as a region to position themselves. Market research intelligence, who is in there, clients, competitors, suppliers were some of the areas worked by Nexxu Group and Enviros. The countries of Trini- dad and Tobago and Suriname were chosen as of high impor- tance to them and a bespoken strategy was created. Just a few months after its implementation, Enviros was awarded a multi-mil- lion dollar contract in Suriname. 

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