Symmetra – Beyond Fragrance

What is the first thing we realise when we meet someone? Is it their eyes? Their smile? Or perhaps it’s the way that they smell and how it leaves a long-lasting impression of that specific moment and how your interaction was. A fragrance can leave an impression on someone you meet and take you back to relive a specific memory.

Nexxu Group collaborated with Symmetra Cosmetics in designing the packaging for their new fragrance line which is a unisex fragrance line which aims to get rid of labels and standards associated in the beauty industry and what we brand as “masculine” or “feminine” scents. Symmetra Cosmetic’s unisex fragrance line aims to debunk the stigma commonly associated with fragrances, how floral scents are catered to women and musky scents for men, Symmetra designs fragrances for everyone – no matter your gender or sexuality. 

The idea and concept behind this design was that we wanted to take the message Symmetra was trying to convey with their fragrances, which was to have no labels – fragrances catered to everyone no matter what size, gender or sexuality you choose to identify with. 

The design plays with various shapes and patterns to symbolise individuality, just like no 2 people are alike and that we are all unique in our own way and that what society tells you is not a representation of who you are as a person. The vibrant colours of the designs also celebrate uniqueness and how everyone is unique in their own way and Symmetra celebrates that uniqueness and individuality.

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